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Jul 21 '12

I apologize for everything.

oh how kawaii desu


I apologize for everything.

oh how kawaii desu

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Jul 19 '12

Reasons why I love Saturday Superstore with Peter, Mark & Janet


Peter’s face, of course

Janet’s nonchalance attitude, naturally

And Mark’s “I didn’t make it fall” pose

Oh, I almost forgot the HOW TO lessons!



The Bag-fight

and the final relaxation

because, after all, it was just an ♥ interview ♥

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Jul 14 '12

How to defeat a Dalek in 1984


How to defeat a Dalek in 1984

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Jul 2 '12


So, can we just all sit and appreciate the cliffhangers in The Caves of Androzani? Especially this one…


(Click the picture for YouTube. Or here.)


-ooooh weee woooooooo~-

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May 21 '12

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May 21 '12

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May 17 '12


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May 16 '12

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May 16 '12

Doctor Who Experience Cardiff : Opening July 20, 2012


WalesOnline posted some terrific images of the exhibits arriving at the new Experience site today:

The first exhibits are moved into the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff Bay

Displays will include original Doctor Who costumes, including this one, worn by Matt Smith….

…and this one worn by 1980s Fifth Doctor Peter Davison

The TARDIS which will welcome visitors arriving on the waterfront landing station.

The building in Porth Teigr is next to the new BBC Roath Lock Studios

Tickets go on sale starting June 14th.

The first exhibits were moved in today, including two original Doctor Who costumes – one from his current incarnation Matt Smith, the other from the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison – and the Van Gogh painting of the TARDIS which featured in the Series 5 episode “Vincent and the Doctor”.

A TARDIS will welcome visitors arriving by boat or water bus on a newly built landing station next to the Experience building, which is next to the BBC’s new Roath Lock Studios. It will need to attract around 250,000 visitors every year for the next five (the length of the Experience’s lease) to cover that cost. Ken Poole, head of economic development for Cardiff Council, said this was a “major tourism attraction” which could be marketed nationally and internationally, attract people from around the world and benefit existing attractions in Cardiff. Project manager Pat Thompson said today that Cardiff Council had paid £2.5 million constructing the blue building which will house the experience, a cost which will be recouped through a share of the ticket sales.

New items exhibited for the first time in Cardiff include the Doctor’s cradel, seen in _A Good Man Goes to War_, the Silence spaceship, and Matt Smith’s sonic cane from_ Let’s Kill Hitler_. Other items will only be revealed on July 20.

BBC Worldwide’s head of exhibitions and events Paula Al-Lach said Cardiff was the “spiritual home” of Doctor Who. “We are particularly excited to be here in Cardiff. Cardiff is the spiritual home of Doctor Who. It’s particularly great to be located in this exact spot, next to the BBC Wales Drama Studios. I live for the day when we walk one of the monsters off those sets and down the road to the experience. We wanted a create a visitor attraction that not only celebrates the iconic history of Doctor Who, but puts the fans inside Doctor Who. When we did our research, everybody wants to go in the TARDIS. We will have a replica TARDIS so people can go inside it. We want it to be fun, we want it to be an adventure, and we have got a massive history to celebrate.”

UPDATE: A few more photos from Doctor Who’s Facebook page

Source : WalesOnline , Doctor Who Facebook Page

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May 10 '12

The Doctor

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